Barnes garden concept drawing

A concept perspective for a new garden in Barnes with terraces, planting around a rectangular lawn, barbecue table and screening plants in large planters.

East Dulwich sketch

End of week two in a small family garden with softwood fence and trellising to balance the neighbour’s new fence, sawn grey sandstone terraces and timber clad raised beds to disguise the existing London stock brick.


East Dulwich photo 2

East Dulwich photo 1

Dulwich Woodland Glade

Dulwich woodland garden sketch

Dulwich woodland garden sketch 2

Dulwich woodland garden sketch 3

Sketches for a new project to be built later in the year.  The brief was to retain as many of the existing trees as possible.  The solution was to create an open lawn near the house, a terrace to catch the afternoon sun and beyond a woodland glade a play and storage area.